10-oz Silver Bars

About 10-oz Silver Bars

Silver bars are one of the most popular investment options among precious metal investors. The carry much less premium than silver coins like American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple leaf coins. Larger silver bars carry less premium over spot silver.

10-oz silver bars are both economical and versatile. The most popular bars are 100-oz silver bars and 10-oz silver bars. The price of 10-oz silver bar equal to price of 10 ounces of pure silver. There are manufacturer’s mark on each bar, silver purity, bar’s weight and a serial number (not always). Silver purity of 10-ounces silver bar range from 0.99 to 0.9999.

10-oz silver bars are more convenient because they have a smaller size than the larger 100-oz and 1000-oz silver bars. And 10-oz silver bars are less susceptible to counterfeiters.

There are cast 10-ounces silver bars and minted 10-oz silver bullion bars.

10 oz silver bar history

As the demand for physical silver surged within the 1970s, Johnson Matthey was, along with Engelhard, a major producer of 100-oz silver bars. In the late 1970s, Johnson Matthey began producing struck 10 oz .999 silver bars, which JM turned out until the mid-1980s when demand waned. JM struck 10-oz silver bars had been sealed in vinyl, and occasionally are nonetheless in their protective vinyl coverings when they are sold into the secondary marketplace.

JM struck 10 oz silver bars carry a highly reflective finish and clearly defined raised lettering, as opposed to poured silver bars, which had been marked for identification purposes via the traditional method of stamping the manufacturer’s hallmark into the bars.

Simply because Johnson Matthey 10-oz struck silver bars are accessible only in the secondary market, and they’re rarely accessible there, Investors wanting 10-oz silver bars will most likely have to select among a number of brands of new 10oz silver bars, all of that are struck.

Brands of 10-oz Silver Bullion Bars

The most popular 10-oz silver bars are produced by Johnson-Matthey and Engelhard. There are many other refiners who produce 10-oz silver bars: Academy, US Assay, Wall Street Mint etc.

You can quickly and easily sell 10-oz silver bullion bars made by Engelhard, Johnson-Matthey and other popular bullion refiners.

New 10-oz silver bars presently available are produced by Sunshine Minting, Wall Street Mint, A-Mark and Silvertowne. The Sunshine and also the Wall Street Mint are the much more well-liked bars. The Wall Street Mint 10-oz bars come in protective vinyl wrappings; the other new 10-oz silver bars come loose and subject getting a few nicks and dings.

Johnson Matthey 10-oz Silver Bar

Johnson Matthey 10-oz Silver Bar

Where to buy 10-oz Silver Bars

You can always buy 10-ounces silver bars online on from local silver dealers, coin dealers or jewelry shops. If you want buy 10-oz silver bars online try Ebay or other internet auctions. Always check feedback of the sellers before buying and buy silver from reputable sellers only. And you should always compare silver bullion prices from dealer to dealer.

You can also buy 10-ounces silver bars on Amazon or online precious metals dealers. Try APMEX, COMEX or Monex.

Online silver bar dealers usually have cheaper prices than local (offline) dealers because online sellers avoid overhead costs.

It is time to buy silver

There are opinions that silver could fall but I think there may never be a better time to buy silver bullion. For investors interested in investing in precious metals, silver bars are the best option. And 10-oz silver bars are one of the most popular silver investments. You should include 10-ounces silver bars in your portfolio. Silver and gold bars and coins are strong protection for your assets.