Perth Mint gold bars

Perth Mint Gold Bars Overview

The Perth Mint in Western Australia was set up in 1899 as a branch of the British Royal Mint, primarily to refine gold whihc had been discovered in the area, and coin it into gold sovereigns. It is the oldest existing Australian mint, and has always specialised in precious metals, particularly gold. The Perth Mint’s coins and bars are valued for their high quality finish and purity. The legal tender status of the gold Perth Mint coins means their precious metal content is guaranteed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia. The AGR Matthey stamped bars are primarily manufactured for industrial and wholesale purposes, and are therefore not distributed or retailed like coins. Stamped Perth Mint bars are generally only available in Australia. Representing an exceptionally convenient way to store physical gold all minted bars are priced at a low premium over gold content price.

The Perth Mint manufactures a range of gold and silver bullion coins and bars to suit all types of investors, from the 1,000oz (31kg) silver bar to the 1/20oz (1.5g) gold coin. The 1kg gold, 400oz gold and 1,000oz silver bars are stamped with the AGR Matthey or Perth Mint mark and include a serial number, giving additional security. These bars are internationally recognised and tradable without the need for assay.

Swan and Oriana bars series

Perth Mint Gold Bars

Perth Mint Gold Bars

Perth mint produce two main series of gold bars, their classic Swan bars, and the very attractive Oriana bars in 1g, 2g, 2.5g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz, 50g and 100g sizes.

The first range is the minted Perth Mint Bars, featuring the Black Swan Logo packaged in a green display card. The weight and purity is displayed on the bar.

Perth Mint Gold Bars

Perth Mint Gold Bars

The second range is The Perth Mint Oriana Bars, depicting the golden-haired goddess Oriana, whose name is often associated with Queen Elizabeth I. The origin of the name Oriana is linked with several early European languages, including Latin (sunrise), Celtic (blond) ans Spanish (gold). The other side of the bar depicts the Black Swan Logo. Each Oriana bar is blister-packed on a colourful display card.

Buying Perth Mint Gold Bullion Bars

You can buy Perth Mint Gold Bullion Bars direct from Perth Mint or from one of the bullion dealers. Also you can buy Perth Mint Gold Bars on Amazon, Ebay or other internet auction sites.

I recommend you to deal only with reputable dealers who can offer you Perth Mint Gold bullion bars with the lowest premium over spot gold.